Gravity separator machine



Capacity of 5 tons per hour gravity separator machine

-strong steel frame- adjustable frame with vibration box drive. during operation adjustment of table inclination and frequncy of deck storkes.

-vibration frame wiht steel deck wiht air-permeable steel sguare wire large mesh cover no 1 ( example sunflower seeds ) or wiht small mesh

  cover no 2 ( example sesame seed )

- pressure - air unit with multiple fan‍‍ , air quantity steplessly adjustable

- discharge hopper for heavy product.

- vibrating discharge through for light products.

-  100% dinamically counterbalanced eccentric deck system

- Distinguishing features of mechanic model :

-  3 electoromotors device for fan air 5.5 kw - 1400 rpm

- gravity eccentric motor : 1.5 kw - 900 rpm

- standard features : speed dial up box adjastments for rate of vibration, loading rate on the deck.

- manual adjastment degree of oscillation , slope and direction of the deck , decking configuration and decking material, number of output

spouts and the location of the unloading dividers.


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